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SylvaC Terrier dog
11" Tall in fawn, Full impressed markings.
Advertised in many 'Antique shop's' for over GBP 100.00
Auction price - GBP 50-70

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Welcome to the SylvaC price guide.

As avid SylvaC collectors ourselves, we have constructed this site to give accurate up-to-date valuations on SylvaC pottery for fellow collectors or anyone with an interest.

There have been several books and price guides published by various authors over the years, which, although provide some very useful and interesting information on Shaw and Copestake (SylvaC pottery), seem to have conflicting advice on the actual value of SylvaC pieces.
Therefore, we have created an accurate list of every 'known' piece that passed through the Shaw and Copestake doorway.

The valuations given are taken from recent AUCTION sales that have taken place in Britain over the past month.
We update this site on a weekly basis, so the price you will see next to a piece is the price you would CURRENTLY have to pay if you purchased the piece from your local auction house.

There are a few pieces of SylvaC that are so rare that they do not come up for sale at auction often, Therefore i have just listed the book price
(taken from Stella Ashbrook's price guide.) for these particular pieces.

Many of the prices listed i'm sure, will be contraversial to many people, especiall people 'in the trade' (for obvious reasons)
but this site's sole intention is to enlighten SylvaC collectors, Tradespeople or anyone with an interest to the actual value of SylvaC pottery.

The site was free of charge to create and offers FREE of charge accurate information on the TRUE value of SylvaC pottery sold recently at British auction houses.

If you wish to contact me please use the link provided.

Antique and Collectibles Tradespeople may advertise with small banners on this us if you are interested
Tartare Sauce 'Face Pot'
#4915, Full impressed marks.
Advertised in 'Antique shop's' for upto GBP 200.00
Price you would pay at auction today - GBP 50-60


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